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Allowing your garden to flourish…

We all like to see trees flourish in our gardens, towns and cities. However, there are times when they need a little care and attention, especially as they can become a potential danger to people and property alike. Perhaps you have branches interfering with your windows or guttering, or perhaps you have trees which need to be tactfully removed from your site before development. Whatever your specific need, you will require a Tree Specialist who can conduct the job professionally and with sympathy to the particular environment.

That’s where Keith Roberts Tree Surgeon and Felling Contractors come in. Using our industry-tested climbing equipment, you can be confident that whether we’re pruning your hedge or removing your tree from crown to stump, the work will be carried out safely and the final result will compliment your home and surrounding environment. Not only that, but we will ensure that your property will be left tidier than when we found it.

So don’t delay! Get in touch either by telephone (01260 253268) or the online query form provided to discuss your particular needs. Or if you’d prefer, click here to browse the services we provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I have my trees pruned?

What is an arborist/arboriculturist?

These are alternative terms for Tree Surgeon you may have seen. For more information view the Wikipedia entry